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The Birthday Continues

As it turns out, there are two birthdays that are occurring this weekend.  One is my niece’s; the other is the mother, my sister-in-law.  As with most woman, they don’t want to divulge the secret of their age… even the little one.  Grandma and Grandpa do what grandparents do best, and have spoiled their grandchild.  They really went all out this year.  Got her a car.  Can you believe it?  Granted, it says “Little Tikes” on the front bumper, but they are really setting the bar high way too early.

As it turns out, my wife can decorate a cake.  She does all things wonderfully in the kitchen, but I never knew she could decorate a cake!  Seriously, that shouldn’t be a secret.  That needs to be shared with numerous cakes a month.  The butterfly cake looked great.  I’m not sure on the taste however.  I had the other kind.  Yes, you heard correctly.  The other kind of cake.  If you missed it, there were two birthdays this weekend – ergo – two cakes.  I am definitely running this week.

The butterfly decoration:

5/365: Decorating a Birthday Cake


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