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One week

It is officially one week since starting Project 365. So far, so good. I’m sure at some point, I will hit a wall of what to do for a picture for the day, but I think the process is more than just getting a picture that day. It’s the thought process of future shots or ideas to try as well as thinking of when/where/how to execute.

I’ve decided that today will be a self-portrait with the intent of replacing my current avatar for the website, Facebook and Twitter. My current one was done from a Lancaster County Photo Meetup lighting workshop (if you have time, check out the “Light Painting” they did a few weeks ago – cool stuff!).

Set-up for the photos was very simplistic. Naturally light from camera right provided by a window; white shoot-thru umbrella with a CTO gel’d SB800 triggered by a Pocket Wizard positioned camera left at a 45degree angle… probably a good foot above my head. Not sure which one I’m going to use as of yet…

Avatar self-portraits:

Avatar Option 1

Avatar Option 1a

Avatar Option 2

Avatar Option 2a

As of now, I’m leaning towards Option 2a. I like the creepy green tint for some reason that I was able to process into the image with Lightroom.


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