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Last couple of days

Last couple of days have left me with little time to post, but, I have at least been able to get a chance to take pictures.  Combined a few days worth here:

06/10 – Scotch Eggs

10/365 - Scotch Eggs

Delicious Scotch Eggs

If you want to find out more about them, go here.  (note, I think my picture does them more justice!)

Earlier in the day, myself and a few of my co-workers were able to convince another co-worker that he truly did need a haircut.  You decide: did he?

06/11 – Wedding Dancing

Wedding dancers at the Dunn-Summers event

11/365 - Wedding Dancing

version 2 - Black & White

I wasn’t sure which version I liked better, but I’m leaning towards the color one… just shows more energy in that particular shot.

06/12 – Bug


Any ideas what kind of bug this is?

I have no idea what kind of bug this is, but there are two of them on our patio.  I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t mean … you know… lots of little bugs showing up in the near future!  EDIT: I’ve recently found out that this is called an “assassin bug.”  It spears other bugs with that creep orange dagger.  This is a relatively young one.  I’ve actually taken a picture last year of this kind of bug almost exactly in the same spot – I mean 8 inches away – but it was an adult.  You can see the adult picture here in my Flickr account.


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