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14/365 & 15/365

Well, since I missed a day, it feels like my numbering is out of wack.  Oh well, it was bound to be once the months went rolling on…

June 15th image is nothing stellar (what has been really).  This was a simple exercise in finding an object, accessing ambient light (realizing I will need additional), and then applying the additional light source in a timely fashion.  Popped the chopper on the window sill, took two shots to dial in ambient so I was roughly right on in exposure, then took 4 shots to dial in the fill flash.  Total time: 2 minutes.

Project 365 - 14 of 365 - To the Choppa!

14/365 - To the Choppa!

June 16th – I decided on my way to work to go a different way than the normal.  Frankly, I was still recovering from the nausea induced by being vertical (still zero ideas what that is about).  Since I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually make it to work, I stopped by a few fields and took a few photographs.  I definitely would have loved to have my tripod with me to get a creamy waving field, however, I did not so that was not captured.  I tried to use a tree without success.

Project 365 - 15 of 365 - Field

15/365 - Field


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