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Good Morning, Loon

So, this is the first photo from our vacation in Canada.  The yearly trek is to a place that is “rustic”, but rather unique being that it is a cottage on an island.  If you want to know how rustic, let me know.  Being where we are, there isn’t too much around – until last year, there wasn’t a cell phone tower in the skyline.  Fortunately, it doesn’t stick too high above the treeline.

Our first morning, we were greeted by two loons.  Beautiful birds that typically don’t come too close to the shoreline.  These two, however, had no problem cruising within 10-15 feet of the island.  Huge help when your max lens focal length is 200mm.

Good morning, Loon.

Project 365 - 30 of 365 - Good Morning, Loon.

Although, I still have been taking a picture everyday as part of the project, but I would like the next few (month?) to be of the 2-week vacation.  Should it get “boring”, let me know and I’ll change it up!


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