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The rain falls mainly on the…

Fortunately, our vacation only had a couple of days of rain. Not the all-day-soakers either. Hit and miss. If you were going to have rain while you are on vacation, that is definitely the way to do it. These particular rain clouds were moving out across the far end of the lake. Moments later, we got our fair share of rain.

This is my first HDR using Photomatix. From there, tweaked a few things in CS5, then final adjustments in Lightroom before the export. I’m pleased with the results thus far in using Photomatix. One thing that I will absolutely need to do is clean the camera. Most of my time spent in Photoshop was cleaning up dust spots from either the mirror or the sensor. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

The rain falls mainly on the…

Project 365 - 31 of 365 - Rain


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