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Give me a break – I’m trying to sell a house here…

To all of my fans (yes, all two of you).  I apologize for not getting more *stuff* up.  It has been a little busy lately with travel, events, family, and squaring things with our latest adventure: building a new home.

In anticipation of having to move, we’ve got a lot of things do.  Designing, choosing, cleaning, organizing… all time-consuming.  I have several photos that need to get through the processing stage from the last 2-3 months.  I anticipate a few late nights coming up!

Including in those pictures will be some of our current home that is for sale.  More information and photos will be at another location:

So, thanks for giving me a break.  I’m not looking for an excuse to not post, but a simple explanation that there will be more to come!


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