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Green Pool in the Morning

As I was at the edge of the bridge on the country lane, several cars slowed down.  I don’t think they slowed down in fear of hitting me, but slowing down as they would passing an accident – wondering, “What is going on over there?”  One man waved.  Another woman looked quite concerned; I smiled; she moved on.

To say the least, the country road that I was able to take this picture had much more traffic than I was suspecting.  Nevertheless, the shot needed to be taken, and so it was! It was cold, uncomfortable, and, to be honest, awkward.  I had several ideas of how I wanted to capture this spot in my mind.  But, when I got there, I was immediately drawn to the green pool of water at the base of the falls.  I’m not sure how that color is created, but it was such a contrast from the sky and the reflection of the sky in the water that immediately followed the pool once the water got shallow… After the ducks were scared away, it was nothing but the movement of the water (and the 6 cars that drove by) that was breaking the silence of the cold morning air.

Green Pool in the Morning

Nikon D700, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, 70mm, f/11, 5 exposure HDR, ISO 100


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