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Dark Me

Starting a new tradition.  Wednesday is portrait day.  Since I decided to start this a few hours ago, the first portrait is sweet ‘ole me.  Sorry to do that you all.

Dark Me

Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, 1/15 sec @ f/4, ISO 800

A self-portrait of using natural light only from camera left. Dropped red saturation, hit blue a little bit, and adjusted shadows and darks on the curves.  I’ve found that standing on the edge of mat helps alignment when doing self’s to ensure you’re standing in the same spot.  I felt that standing on an “X” was always a little iffy on placement.  Having my toes directly on the edge on a predetermined line makes it a lot faster in set-ups.

If you didn’t know, there are a lot of things going on: building a house, having my in-laws live with me that are both experiencing different stages of cancer and their treatment, and building a new house.  It is easy to get down on yourself when faced with all of these things on a daily basis.  Fortunately, I’m well grounded and don’t hold in my thoughts or feelings; to much dismay to some people around me 🙂

Please view on black.


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