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Top Pick Thursday

Another themed day for the week.  Top Pick Thursday.  I’m going to post a picture from another photographer and discuss that photo.  Nothing deep and nothing too technical.  The idea behind it will be a link (or image with link) to an image that I’ve seen on Flickr, another blog or other website that has had some internal response from me. That response could be an emotional, intellectual – either to make me think or to inspire.

The first one up is from Jesse Pafundi.  Most folks on the web know him as “Dude With Camera“.  I imagine if I were to meet Jesse in person, I’d be able to pick him out of the crowd because he’s that dude with the camera.  Am I right?

(c) 2010 - Grass Lake by Jesse Pafundi

(c) 2010 - Grass Lake by Jesse Pafundi / Pafundi Images / Dude With Camera

His post, “Grass Lake“, made me stop.  Stop and just look at it.  It reminds me of so many scenes that I’ve passed that I never stopped to take a picture of.  It’s a great picture.  But what else is great is the write-up.  Hop over and a take a read.  Since I read his post (a while ago), I’ve created my own “Image Bucket List”.  I suggest you do the same!  I found the idea of an “to photograph some day when the opportunity arrives” list” a great idea. So much so, I bought a little book to keep the ideas in, which I’m calling my “Image Bucket List”.  So, the image and the idea behind it has inspired me.


One response

  1. I’m liking the idea of Top Pick Thursday. Thanks for including my image this week and Im glad you could draw some inspiration from it. Keep on takin pictures!

    February 17, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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