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House Walk Through

A quick video of the house… no commentary… I’ll do another one when it is completed with commentary 🙂

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!


Memorial Service

This weekend is the Memorial Service for my Father-in-Law.  We created a slide show of pictures to share with everyone that comes, but for those who can’t, I thought I’d place it here.  There are a lot of memories accumulated in 64 years of life…


If you are in the Northeast, then you’re getting the great pleasure of seeing trees flowering.  I don’t think there’s a better combination of a flower, color, and texture to a landscape than a redbud tree.  There are two types of redbuds; one that produces a green leaf and another that produces a purple/deep red leaf.  I’m not sure how you would tell the difference until the leaves come out, but when we were looking to get one for our yard, the Arbor Day Foundation noted that the green leaf variety is often called a “forest pansy tree”.  That makes zero sense to me, but I guess they know a few things about trees.  You can sign up to support them and you get 10 free trees… four survived and they are planted together.  Currently, it is producing a lovely show:

I’m gonna miss this little guy…