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Attending a leadership conference hosted by LCBC by telecast of the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit. There are about 450-500 people here, watching a big screen. It is very interesting that the GLS has been telecasted for 15 years to remote sites.

Today’s speakers will be Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church; Jim Collins, author; Christine Caine, Founder A21 Campaign & pastor at Hillsong Church; Tony Dungy, ex-Head Coach of the Ind. Colts turned NBC Analyst; Adam Hamilton, UMC pastor; Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao, Leading Chinese Economist & professor at Univ. of Science & Tech. In Beijing; and finally, Andy Stanley, pastor at North Point Church.

It’ll be a pretty packed day full of knowledge. Definitely a change-up from the normal day’s routine. Love the fact that there are this many people here: