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It’s a pizza!

We make this great pizza, Chicken Pesto Pizza, that is easy to make but tastes like you spent hours making it (if you count dough rise time, yes, it does take hours…). Now, when I say that “we” make it, I really mean that my involvement is rolling the dough out on the pizza stone and getting it exactly the right thickness and size. Yes, it is a science. Here are a few shots to show you how it’s done (post dough rolling – it’s a science and a secret!).  I’ve taken pictures in the past of this particular subject, but those have been quick snaps before… a small amount of thought went into these (I think).

June 20th:

Project 365 - 19 of 365 - Step 4: Eat!

Step 3: Cheese!

Step 2: Add-ons

Step 1: Pesto!

If you hadn’t noticed, I went backwards.  There are obviously some steps prior to adding the pesto that I didn’t include, but do have one final of a close-up of the chicken & veges getting sautéed.

Sauteing chicken & veges