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And then there was one…

After considering a few items from yesterday’s shoot (which I also just posted moments ago…),  I thought it would be interesting to get one to stand on end.  Yes, a cigar portrait.  Out of the ones in the previous image, I could only get 2 to stand on end but liked the color of this one better…

June 23rd:

Project 365 - 22 of 365 - One

One v2.0


Good fellas

A good friend, who happens to also be my co-worker, gave me a nice size brick of cigars to share with those that want them.  Here are the good fellas.

June 22nd:

Project 365 - 21 of 365 - Good Fellas

Campanula Get Mee

After receiving these flowers as a gift earlier in the year – and being American – not following the care instructions… not sure if this little plant was going to make it.  After a few weeks – it is making a come back!

June 21st:

Project 365 - 20 of 365 - Campanula Get Mee