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I was noticing the sky was going to be looking quite cool this morning while at the gym, so I didn’t stretch and made a run for it (subject of photo).  There is this random building that is in a cornfield that I pass daily.  Typically, when I am on my way home from work, it’s too late (at least this time of year) to grab any interesting photos of it.  I grabbed a few brackets and had some time to process this morning while waiting for some other things (and people).

I’m really not sure what this building’s function is or was but it has been tagged a couple of times.  It’s about a half-mile from a local school so my guess is it’s one of the local kids…

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Door - Look!

Abandoned building of some kind in the middle of a cornfield. Not sure if it is an old well/pump house or what...


The Edge

With the growing season in full swing, there are many fields growing all sorts of wonderful foods: corn, soy, strawberries (over now I think?), wheat… At the edge of an ordinary cornfield not too far away, there is a small patch that is completely wild looking.  No farmer managing the wild growing seeds from previous season’s crops nor the flowers that some call weeds.

I was particular proud of this shot as it was nearly sundown and a handheld of a 1/2 second.  Which doesn’t sound like much, but try holding a D700 w/ MB-10 and a 24-70mm/f2.8 lens…

June 29th:

Project 365 - 28 of 365 - The Edge

Before the sun went down, there were also some nice looking clouds…


Busy Busy

Today was a busy day. Busy at work, busy at home, busy running, running, running. There is a field that I drive by to/from home and work that is beautifully lit in the mornings and evenings. Wind blown grasses, red barn, small stream that cuts through the pasture… The perfect spot for a picture to be captured. As it turns out, the saying is true: those who wait are left empty handed. On my way to work: field = beauty. On my way home: field = cut down over glorified lawn. Fortunately, I live in Lancaster County and there are fields everywhere. Not nearly as “perfect” as this one, but nice.

8/365: the field (iPhone)

Also, lesson learned to just carry my camera. Who cares that people stare at work 🙂