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If you are in the Northeast, then you’re getting the great pleasure of seeing trees flowering.  I don’t think there’s a better combination of a flower, color, and texture to a landscape than a redbud tree.  There are two types of redbuds; one that produces a green leaf and another that produces a purple/deep red leaf.  I’m not sure how you would tell the difference until the leaves come out, but when we were looking to get one for our yard, the Arbor Day Foundation noted that the green leaf variety is often called a “forest pansy tree”.  That makes zero sense to me, but I guess they know a few things about trees.  You can sign up to support them and you get 10 free trees… four survived and they are planted together.  Currently, it is producing a lovely show:

I’m gonna miss this little guy…


April Showers…

… bring flowers.  But seriously, that rain on Saturday was crazy.  How about a nice gentle rain?  Can we do that?

Spring Forest Flower - Nikon D700, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, 1/160 sec @ f/2.8, 70mm, ISO 200

Top Pick Thursday

This week’s Top Pick Thursday is from a local photographer – well, local to me being about an hour away – Michael Lawrence.  Michael’s work has been inspiring me over the last year with his compositions and natural lighting images.  You may recognize some of his work through my work because he has captured some locations in the Lancaster area that I also have shared… and sometimes, a tobacco barn looks like a tobacco barn no matter where it is 🙂

You can see Michael’s work on his Flickr account and also his website.  The shot I’m sharing – technically, the shot that he’s allowing me to share! – today is definitely a Spring shot:

"The Jefferson Memorial" - © Michael Lawrence Imaging
“The Jefferson Memorial” – © Michael Lawrence Imaging

“Shot just a couple of minutes before sunrise. The Jefferson Memorial is under construction, which made close-up shots not so desirable. Just a few minutes after this was taken the wind picked up and made any type of sharp images nearly impossible.” – Michael


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