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Top Pick Thursday

This week’s Top Pick Thursday is from a local photographer – well, local to me being about an hour away – Michael Lawrence.  Michael’s work has been inspiring me over the last year with his compositions and natural lighting images.  You may recognize some of his work through my work because he has captured some locations in the Lancaster area that I also have shared… and sometimes, a tobacco barn looks like a tobacco barn no matter where it is 🙂

You can see Michael’s work on his Flickr account and also his website.  The shot I’m sharing – technically, the shot that he’s allowing me to share! – today is definitely a Spring shot:

"The Jefferson Memorial" - © Michael Lawrence Imaging
“The Jefferson Memorial” – © Michael Lawrence Imaging

“Shot just a couple of minutes before sunrise. The Jefferson Memorial is under construction, which made close-up shots not so desirable. Just a few minutes after this was taken the wind picked up and made any type of sharp images nearly impossible.” – Michael


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This Is Lancaster County

I know there are a lot of people who say we live in a rural area filled with “the Amish”.  It may be true.  But, there are a lot of other hard-working farmers that aren’t Amish too!  I’m actually surprised at how little time it took me to get this shot composed.  It ended up being the first bracketed shots that I took this morning and I think they are the ones that I like the best.  Usually, it takes me a little bit of time to get into that ‘groove’.

This Is Lancaster County

Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, f/11, 5 exposure HDR, ISO 100

This will be right down the street from our new home that will begin construction in a few weeks.  It will be great to drive by such scenery every morning.  If you feel like you want to visit this great land of ours, you should get in contact with me – or one of the other great photographers from the Lancaster County Photographers Meetup Group!


I was noticing the sky was going to be looking quite cool this morning while at the gym, so I didn’t stretch and made a run for it (subject of photo).  There is this random building that is in a cornfield that I pass daily.  Typically, when I am on my way home from work, it’s too late (at least this time of year) to grab any interesting photos of it.  I grabbed a few brackets and had some time to process this morning while waiting for some other things (and people).

I’m really not sure what this building’s function is or was but it has been tagged a couple of times.  It’s about a half-mile from a local school so my guess is it’s one of the local kids…

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Door - Look!

Abandoned building of some kind in the middle of a cornfield. Not sure if it is an old well/pump house or what...