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Top Pick Thursday

I’ve been following quite a few photographers on the web for a while now.  There are a few out there that make everything seem easy and defined.  Every shot has a methodology to it that speaks to the quality of that final image.  There are others out there that are hit or miss when describing how and why they made a particular image the way they did.

Today’s “Top Pick Thursday” is brought to you by Mahesh Thapa – the self-proclaimed Starving Photographer of  After reading his “About” page, you can clearly see that he is an intelligent person – and one that can articulate his ideas in photography and in writing.  This image is well composed, perfectly exposed and is of a very interesting subject.  So what?  There’s icing to this cake -> a few tips on making better landscape photos.  These tips are ones that I’ve read and seen several places, but what makes them great is you can see that it is practiced by Mahesh in several (if not all?!) photos on his website.  I certainly could have used this information when starting out…

Light on Discovery - (c) 2011 - Mahesh Thapa - the Starving Photographer

Light on Discovery - (c) 2011 - Mahesh Thapa - the Starving Photographer

Be sure to check out the rest of Mahesh’s work.  And any of you West Coasters up in Seattle, give him some love and go shooting with him 🙂


Top Pick Thursday

It’s another round of “Top Pick Thursday”.  Not too much time to write – just got back home…

This is from Tony Shi.  Tony does amazing work and works primarily in NYC.  After seeing many photos of light trails… this one made me see things a little differently.  I’m not sure why, but I’d love to get the point where I can do work this well…  I’ve spent hours looking at his photostream.  After looking at his photostream – one thing is apparent: Perspective is crucial.  A lot of his images have a perspective that I wouldn’t have thought about – or even found most times!  Perspective can make an image, and it often causes one to fail.

(c) 2010 Tony Shi - Herald Square

(c) 2010 Tony Shi - Herald Square

What do you think?  Tell me and certainly tell Tony.  You can see more of Tony’s work on his Flickr account by clicking the photo, above.  Get out there and change-up your perspective – you’ll be glad you did!

I park it…

… the way I want to park it.

The picture isn’t overly stellar.  But that’s not why I’m posting it.  It is more of a realization that if you have an idea, a method, a design, etc. – just do it.  This person clearly has an idea that the bike is secure and out-of-the-way by parking it in this fashion.  This all goes back to last Thursday’s “Top Pick Thursday” post.  (read it and then come back).  It doesn’t do you any good to have an idea and not do anything with it.

Think of all of the times you thought, “Hey, I could do _____.”  But you didn’t.  So, don’t just write them down.  Write them down and then do them.  If you can’t think of how to do them – share.  It is amazing what you can find out from people if you just share what you are trying to accomplish.  People have connections – resources – and most importantly – different ideas that can help you!

I park it...

Nikon D700, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, 1/30 sec @ f/4.0, ISO 400, handheld

Next time you have an idea – park it the way you want to park it.