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The basis for this blog is  not necessarily about me and what I am doing, but about my interactions of daily life and documenting those encounters in writing and by creating photographs.

I have only been creating photographs since 2001.  It has been a long process of honing the understanding and ability to create what my mind sees as the photograph and to actually make it as that end result.  To this, everyday is a learning experience.  A photographic image of today will not be the same as yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s will most certainly be unlike the others.

Some of the images that I create, I love them simply because they are my own and I have an emotional connection to them – to me that makes them art.  As I discussed with a friend, that is my underlying idea of art: channeling thought and emotion into a medium to be able to share with others so they will also feel my emotions and thoughts when creating it.

Welcome to images of the everyday.