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Leadership Summit – day 2

The 2nd day of the Willow Creek Assoc. Global Leadership Summit is on… Today’s list of speakers include:
Jeff Manion, pastor of Ada Bible Church
Terri Kelly, President & CEO of W. L. Gore & Associates (the makers of GORE-TEX(R) products
Daniel H. Pink, author & former White House speechwriter
Blake Mycoskie, Founder & Chief Shoe-giver of TOMS Shoes
Jack Welch, former Chairman & CEO of GE, and finally,
T.D. Jakes, pastor, The Potter House

I’m especially interested in the Kelly, Mycoskie and Welch sessions. The last time I heard Welch was around 1998 while in college. Great leader of GE and will probably go down in the history books as one of the best leaders of modern business. It may not seem like you are “getting” much somedays at conferences, but you always walk away with one or two nuggets of truth that you can use in your personal life or corporate life.

A shot while the Terri Kelly session is going on: